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Combined with a standard bolt, the Type A recessed-head Lindapter forms a hook-bolt of innumerable uses, without having to design or make special clips   Type A recessed-head
For applications where high frictional loads are encountered, Lindapter has developed the high strength type AF, which offers excellent frictional clamping performance   Type AF
Lindapter Type B is similar to Type A, but with a flat top allowing the bolt head or nut to be rotated. The type B is suitable for use with all bolts, studs, tie-rods and J-bolts   Type B
The Type E Lindapter has a tapped hole for use with bolts/setscrews and can be countersunk if specified. It is ideally suited for securing timber to steelwork   Type E
The Type LR can be used for connecting steelwork in any Girder Clamp or similar assembly with standard or high strength bolts.   Type LR
The Lindapter Type F9 has extra long jaws and is suitable for securing all types of steelwork and the covers of vessels, tanks,etc. It is also a useful general purpose clamp for engineers, welders, fabricators and others   Type F9
The Girder Clamp is a rigid assembly for securing secondary steelwork to structural members. Because there is no drilling, the integrity of the steelwork remains intact. There is no welding so the connection is speedy, simple and adjustable if required   Girder Clamp
A complete connection system in a box available for immediate use. Ideal for jobs which require a rapid solution  

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